Understand your
Risk & Threat Profile

Making a business decision without assessing the risk, is not something that businesses should ever do, the same applies to the Cyber world. Risk management is a systematic process to understand, evaluate and address risks, in order to realise the benefits of change while ensuring the business is sustainable. Effective Cyber Risk Management requires an informed understanding of those risks that are relevant to your data, compliance regimes and technology and assess their relative priority.

Our experienced consultants will ensure they understand your specific requirements;

  • Your Business Strategy, as it is and to be
  • The Business Model
  • Locations
  • What you do and how you do it
  • Your technology and infrastructure
  • Your compliance regimes

Then prioritise them to ensure measurable and focussed foresight.


Stage One
Service Sets

You cannot protect what you don’t know you have.
Auriga’s Stage One Services focus on your business and its assets. Delivering appropriate threat assessment that is specific to your business and sector. Following best practise and risk life cycle methodology, Auriga ensure their Clients understand what they have and where they are vulnerable. Auriga provide informed risk profiles, mitigation and remediation activities and review them against a compliance statue to ensure an appropriate Cyber Security posture.

"Refreshing and deliver on target every time"

Parthen Loreli

“We have worked with Auriga for a number of years. They are agile, thought leaders, and provide a service to us and our clients which is second to none. Their approach is refreshing and deliver on target every time.”

Parthen Loreli CEO

Continue the Cyber Journey

Understanding your Threats and Risks enables you to have a clear understanding of where a business is and where a business needs to be. The Cyber Journey continues into a Design and Implementation phase and then completes with Monitoring and Intelligence. In the real world however, these further stages can be happening at the same time across multiple projects and programmes. Click on our Stage 2 and 3 services to see how Auriga can be agile and dynamic and tailor its services to suit your specific business requirements.

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