Can you withstand a cyber attack?

Auriga has established an efficient and effective method of assessing an organisation’s capability to protect themselves. Our cutting edge approach and development of the assessment process allows organisations to track, improve and report the maturity of its capability to demonstrate performance to Board or Shareholder level as well as technical and managerial personnel.

81% of large companies reporting breach*

Auriga’s Cyber Readiness service utilises cyber security experts to analyse, highlight and assist your organisation in focusing on the areas which could lead to a cyber-attack.

Auriga’s process will enable organisations to determine current levels of protection and vulnerabilities e.g. firewalls, internet facing services and business critical applications. Findings are then compared to NCSC’s (National Cyber Security Centre) recommended best practice. The result of which allows an organisation to track, manage and mitigate risks in a controlled manner. Additionally, the output satisfies the entire spectrum of personnel – Risk tracking and management layout for Board and executive members, down to specific highlighted component and software vulnerabilities for technical personnel.

Remember that despite compliance with frameworks like ISO27001, PCI etc., your organisation’s evolving business may affect your cyber security posture!

How can organisations understand how well they are performing?

Without assessing and trying to discover the areas which could be under-performing, an organisation cannot fully understand their current risk levels, areas of vulnerability and ultimately protect themselves from attack.

Cyber criminals and hackers often make use of areas of vulnerability that organisations have missed. This could be a simple lack of up to date patches, misconfiguration or a temporary lapse in control due to projects or business change. Don’t be the next victim!


What is the best approach to take?

Auriga has based its unique process on the NCSC 10 Steps Guidance. The comprehensive assessment covers all areas of an organisation’s infrastructure and processes:

  • Risk Management Regime
  • Secure Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Managing User Privileges
  • User Education and Awareness
  • Incident Management
  • Malware Prevention
  • Monitoring
  • Removable Media Controls
  • Home and Mobile Working

Without help, an organisation cannot fully understand their risk levels, vulnerability and protect themselves from attack. Auriga’s unique approach has been developed with the assistance of years of experience across a myriad of industries and business practices. This experience has allowed us to ensure you achieve an unrivalled level of service and coverage:

  • Highlight and report on areas of concern to enable the effective management of risk
  • Track individual gaps in its security capabilities through to improvement
  • Utilise a proven and comprehensive Cyber Security model
  • Make use of an easy to understand dashboard to view performance and status of individual controls
  • Dissect the complex picture of an organisation’s security controls
  • Track past and future performance of existing controls and remediation activities
  • Manage a complex array of remediation projects through to completion
  • Obtain real-time snapshot of the organisations performance and vulnerability areas

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"Refreshing and deliver on target every time"

Parthen Loreli

“We have worked with Auriga for a number of years. They are agile, thought leaders, and provide a service to us and our clients which is second to none. Their approach is refreshing and deliver on target every time.”

Parthen Loreli CEO

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