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Compass – Security Operating Center
Auriga’s 24/7 fully managed UK based Security Operations Center utilises a number of sophisticated components which provides our Clients with eyes and ears across their business infrastructure in real time. Our analysts provide our Clients with the specific data they need to protect themselves to an appropriate and proportionate level as it happens. Our Incident Managers work with the Analysts to ensure that if the worst has happened, they can assist you with moving forwards so you can focus on your business rather than its security whilst minimising the impact.


Stage Three
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In Auriga’s experience, complacency and design flaws lead to the majority of compromises. Organisations often carry risk unnecessarily and are completely unaware that they are only a network scan away from being another cyber statistic or worse. Auriga’s Penetration and Application Testing services assist organisations in mitigating this risk, giving its Clients an up to date and current status of how secure its infrastructure, applications and general configurations are at any point in time . Utilising our experienced CHECK, CREST, OWASP and ISSAF experienced Testers, Auriga assists its Clients across the entire testing life-cycle, from scope development to remediation plans and activities. This coupled with Auriga being the first SME in the UK market to launch a Managed Security Operations Centre, built by Security Practitioners, built for Clients’ requirements, enable a sound and solid monitoring and intelligence service. SOCs in the market today are standalone services as the providers do not have the capability or expertise to support these services with consultancy expertise. Whether you require a fully integrated SOC service or security advisory covering, risk and threat intelligence, event and incident management or cyber penetration and application testing, the Stage 3 service sets work seamlessly together or separately to deliver the security you require Click on the service sets for more information.

"They offer innovation in their approach to security"

Phillip Watkins, CEO

“Auriga have worked with GEO Group for 18 months as their outsource service provider of ICT, Data and Security and delivers business insightful development strategies and solutions which enables us to make informed decisions and implement cost efficiency as well as scalable and appropriate ICT and security solutions. They offer innovation in their approach to security and I find it extremely valuable that Auriga have the depth and breadth of knowledge and skill sets to fluidly implement blended technical and data solutions seamlessly.”

Phillip Watkins, CEO GEO Group UK

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With protective monitoring and intelligence profiling, you have your finger on the security pulse of your business. Organisations are ever evolving and to ensure continued protection please go to the services sets in Stage 1 and 2. If you have procured Compass then we will ensure this activity for you. For more information on Compass and its services please contact Auriga directly.

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