Mitigate your
Risks & Threats

Organisations often find themselves utilising a myriad of components and methodologies to deliver their business model. This can span multiple technology types, partners and even global regions. Developing a Cyber Risk Management Strategy which provides this coverage, mitigating the discovered risks and threats is crucial to a business’s survival in todays connected economy.

This risk management strategy will often span policy and procedure, but by utilising Auriga’s technical expertise, we deliver best of breed technical solutions to your security problems. Auriga ensures that these solutions compliment fundamental Compliance, Procedural and Personnel controls. We know that Intrusion Detection, Prevention, Anti-Malware, Firewalls and secure design alone is often not enough. This is why Auriga considers the entire picture, providing 360 degree comprehensive and modular risk mitigation strategies.

  • Security solutions that meet budget, compliance and business strategy goals
  • Security Architecture Design and Implementation
  • Security Architecture Procurement Management
  • Technology and Supplier Management
  • Global, regional and sector specific security strategies
  • Security Architecture Procurement Management
  • Cost effective self-maintained security landscapes
  • Efficient design principles within security and risk projects to deliver instant VFM

Stage Two
Service Sets

Risk Mitigation is as crucial as risk and requirement discovery. Organisations often find this stage of the cyber risk management journey the most challenging and daunting. Once you are aware of your exposure, time is of the essence. Leveraging Auriga’s extensive technical and implementation knowledge and industry experience, ensures appropriate design and build options which spans your entire business model. From physical, procedural through to complex technical architecture challenges, Auriga provides a single source for technical cyber resilience.

"Translate Information Security into business language..."

Charlie Burbridge, Managing Director

“Auriga have been our security partner for a number of years, they have assisted both G4S internally and our Clients through all Stages of their Cyber Services. They translate Information Security into business language whether technical, compliance or risk management; they have never let us down.”

Charlie Burbridge, Managing Director G4S

Continue the Cyber Journey

Developing and implementing strategy puts your organisation in a great position to defend itself against compromise. The next phase of the journey is to remain dynamic, as a sitting target is easy to hit. The Cyber Journey continues into a Monitoring and Intelligence phase. This allows Auriga to keep your defences current and your security postured focused on the right threats. In the real world however, these further stages are can be happening at the same time across multiple projects and programmes. Click on our Stage 3 services to see how Auriga can be agile and dynamic and tailor its services to suit your specific business requirements.

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