Auriga's Compass Tier Service

Auriga’s Compass Tier service offers a tailored and superior Cyber Managed Service which is uncomplicated, fit for purpose and delivered to Businesses in a language they understand and can measure.

Auriga is a market leader in Security and Cyber Risk Management, working within many Government and Private Sector Critical Systems. This knowledge and experience has been instrumental in the development of our Compass Service, enabling us to deliver best of breed capability.

Auriga has integrated its threat intelligence, security monitoring and analytics capabilities to deliver a 360 degree business centric Cyber and Threat monitoring services, (Compass). This managed service offers a tiered approach, from an entry level Security Operation Center (SOC) service through to a Data Analytics driven Tailored Threat Intelligence led service. Combining operational excellence and state of the art software and intelligence capability to deliver its unique service offering. Utilising experienced professionals an effective operational model and service integration. Auriga provides a tightly linked service which allows its customers to have an insight on Cyber Risk like never before.

The Compass Service and Analysts combine Business and Threat intelligence with SIEM Expertise. Compass works with your business and delivers protections and monitoring solutions to protect your business at all levels. This assists Auriga clients to:

  • Validate or find and fix security problems faster
  • Reduce IT monitoring overhead
  • Enhance IT management efficiency
  • Increase application availability and end-user satisfaction
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Provide insight and awareness of emerging threats
  • Tailor its existing security infrastructure to fit potential risks and threats
  • Forecast threat and risk to allow customers to develop coherent protection strategies

Compass Tiers

To cater for a blend of customer requirements, Auriga's Compass service is offered in three tiers. The tiered service offering ensures customers requiring an entry level service can procure a service of the right scale as easily as our customers can procure a more comprehensive service. This way the service tiers cater for all budget and business requirements, from simple monitoring to more comprehensive Threat Intelligence, Profiling and Forecasting. Explore the links below for a more in-depth breakdown of each tier.

"They offer innovation in their approach to security"

Phillip Watkins, CEO

“Auriga have worked with GEO Group for 18 months as their outsource service provider of ICT, Data and Security and delivers business insightful development strategies and solutions which enables us to make informed decisions and implement cost efficiency as well as scalable and appropriate ICT and security solutions. They offer innovation in their approach to security and I find it extremely valuable that Auriga have the depth and breadth of knowledge and skill sets to fluidly implement blended technical and data solutions seamlessly.”

Phillip Watkins, CEO GEO Group UK

Compare Compass Tiers

The Compass Managed Service suite includes a comprehensive set of features. The difference between the three Tiers is described below, or contact one of Managed Cyber Security Service experts to find out more.


9-5 and 24/7 MCSS

24/7 SOC Service with Threat Intelligence

24/7 SOC Service with Threat and Business Intelligence

Fully Managed Security Service
Integrated Service and Incident Management
600 Threat Intelligence Feeds
Threat Management
Compliance Management
Continuous Learning
Event source monitoring
Event log and network flow data consolidation
Comprehensive, extensible analytics
Network, virtualization and application intelligence
Identity and location intelligence
Configuration and configuration change monitoring
In-depth database security, availability and anomalous activity monitoring
Layer 7 rules engine
Real-time and historical cross-correlation
Event log data integrity secured by HMAC
Analytics for Real-time Correlation and Alerting
Automatic Discovery
24/7 Managed Security Service
Tailored Threat Intelligence Campaigns -
Tailored Business Intelligence Campaigns - -

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