Transformation, Transition, Deployment and Change Management

Transformation of any organisation normally relates to radical change. It can involve a complete change in direction, strategy, level of effectiveness and even in character where only core values remain. Change in an organisation, however is normally on a smaller scale from tiny improvements to the implementation of large, new business systems.

When any change is introduced into an organisation, Auriga Consulting Ltd can help check feasibility. Is it aligned with the strategy? Is there corporate and political will and the appetite for change? Does your organisation have the skills, money, equipment and systems capability? If not, can you obtain the skills? Can you borrow the money, buy the equipment or update the systems?

Auriga will ensure that the right implementation approach is selected. We will help you to decide if there should be a phased approach, direct changeover or run a pilot to test the change. We can also ensure that monitoring processes are in place, which will measure the success of the change. This will help you to assess if there is alignment with the strategy and if the benefits are being realised.

Auriga will help you to ensure that the benefits relevant to your change are defined along with measurements, so that a clear benefits framework can be created. This will be aligned to the business case and supported by metrics, e.g. balanced business scorecard.

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