Cloud services represent an extensible remote ICT infrastructure, based on for example, software, infrastructure or desktop as a service.

Auriga Consulting Ltd has cloud computing experts that can help your organisation achieve the benefits and efficiencies that Cloud technology brings. Architectural fluidity, capital expenditure savings and location independent resources make the move to Cloud an attractive option. Moving to the "Pay as You Go" model often allows organisations to benefit from an operational expenditure financial model, and benefit from much more accurate cost modelling when competing for service contracts. 'Pay-As-You-Go' cost models also remove the necessity for assessing the impact of sunken costs in infrastructure and differences between equipment life depreciation costs and external service provision contract lengths.

Some of the areas Auriga can assist you with when considering a move to the Cloud are: security control design, assurance and audit, supplier and service management regimes, contractual and legal assessment, business requirements definition, and the design, development and migration to the cloud environment.

Auriga's Cloud implementation and procurement specialists can assist your organisation in every stage of the process, from choosing a supplier through to migration, mobilisation and service management.

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