Business Process Modelling & Analysis

One definition of a business process: "it has one or more triggers, a sequence of activities, and one or more outputs which are of value to the customer".

Whether you are a commercial organisation or not, the value you add to your customer and how securely you hold their data is of paramount importance. By considering your organisation's customers from the trigger of the process right through to output, helps to ensure success in business. Improved customer satisfaction is often one of the benefits of a process improvement initiative.

Auriga Consulting Ltd's Business Analysts specialise in a unique methodology of improving business process whilst identifying security risk, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This pragmatic and innovative method of implementing secure business process puts Auriga in a different league to our competitors. Auriga specialise in security enabled business process and understand that business must always come before security.

This service offering helps your organisation's stakeholders to make informed decisions around data management and realise demonstrable, measurable benefits. Understanding where your key business data resides, its true value and the risk, are the first steps to future planning, business process resilience, efficiency and realising return on investment.

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